Jun 20, 2011

Day 22- what's in your purse

Like seriously, i thought i can escape with image based punya post challenge, no i cant. pffft..

Here goes:

Plus ic, driver's license, student card, ini semua

only frequently used item stand chances to stay long in purse

disimpan di dalam ini small purse

I love small purse. You cant keep many things inside thus daily cleaning is never an option. It's mandatory. Tapi beg saya besar, so having smaller purse doesnt make any difference either. Rubbish dalam purse masuk dalam bag. haha.

Next up:
Day 23: 3 ways to make you cry (like seriously? hatdoiii. saya mau jadi devil's advocate kepada ini 30DBC)


Chii said...

kinda like mine jg :))

Mell_f said...

Chii: the purse content or the purse size?

Joanne Juend said...

The magazine yg attracting me. Ha ha ha

Lizeewong said...

Hi Mel...Ketinggalan suda sia ni :) Hehe..Btw, byk jg your membership card kan..^___^

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