Sep 12, 2011

Acquired taste

Like other strong foods that are often acquired taste for some people, sotong kangkung is no different. A direct translation of Sotong kangkung  would be convolvulus cuttlefish oh wow vulvuluvus what? Or by descriptions it is a food that comprises the cuttlefish and blanched kangkung, mixed with dark sauce and ground peanuts. I believe the variations of this food lies in the way they made the sauce. Ada sos yang cair, ada yg tidak cukup hitam, ada yg sos dia merah aduh. 

This particular sotong kangkung @ Bukit Padang do it very nice and deliziozo. My pick is always sotong + kangkung (u can opt for sliced/diced cucumber) + finely ground peanut + lada banyak2. I can eat the rm10 portion all by myself, i kid you not.

the stall,very near to the kg Nelayan Restaurant @ Bukit Padang
mobile phone quality pic of the sotong kangkung      

Has anyone taste it? Or do you have any suggestions of places that serve tasty sotong kangkung? Let me know ya!

Till then.


Chii said...

1st time jumpa ni mcm mo try!

Joanne Juend said...

ih haha.. akhirnya sy jumpa org yg makan sotong kangkung mcm sy :p

susah sy dpt sini, kecuali ada satu duuuluuu d lintas but they moved sda T_T

Mell_f said...

Chii: ya pls try,tp mmg acquired taste la.

Juend: yihee tapak dulu. Nti ada masa talimpas2 area sana ko pigi cuba try taste la ho.

Armstrong said...

convolvuvvvwwat. Hahaa. The only thing that comes to my mind when I say that is Volvo. Hahahaa.

Kalo sos warna merah, sia prefer lagi. Tapi kalo yang macam dalam tu last pic, ewww. Hahaa no ba, jk.

Happy Tuesday, Mell!

Mell_f said...

Arms: haha jangan kau bagitu bah,sedap baini yg darksauce punya. nanti ko balik kk jgn lupa try test k.

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