Sep 23, 2011

Where to stay in Siem Reap

Throughout our 4d3n trip, we stayed in Golden Temple Villa, a decision i made after a thorough research of the place. The selling point of this place among all is the location whereby old market, pub street, angkor night market, Artisan d'angkor and food stalls are just within walking distance. Boleh exercise konon. Plus, there's a guard around the vicinity of the villa and he was there most of the time. So safety assured.

Upon arrival we were served with welcome drink (cold calamansi juice that brings you straight to brain freeze) and cold towel (need it so much, it was scorching hot on day 1!). That was so refreshing.

We chose a room with double bed and ac, and equipped with 82 freaking tv channels to choose from. It costs us only usd16/night, worth it bebeh.

The villa provides free wifi, zero fee bicycle rental, free fruits, tea and coffee in the restaurant and free 20mins massage. I redeemed my 20mins massage right after i came back from visiting Angkor. Omai. Heaven.

Here are some random pictures of the villa and it's facilities.

click to enlarge
The staffs are helpful as well, and they made an effort to communicate with/entertain you albeit poor in english. And the same goes to most of the Cambodians in the market. That is something to me. The thoughts of it warms my heart so much, wish to go there again next time.

Till next SR post.


Jj said...

bestnya dpt p, blog more about siem reap k. manatau tepigi sana lenkali...hehe

Kenny said...

wah free bicycle ride..sinang la tu..nda pya jln kaki..naik basikal ja :)

Chii said...

82 channels = heaven.

tp klu sda holiday teda masa jg tu tengok tv..

Merl•Revlis said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Merl•Revlis said...

(Sorry for the deleted comment - double post).

One of the staff (cute and almost sabahan-look) worked in Malaysia before. they are friendly when you get to know them.

I missed their free hot tea.

We stayed there too. Good choice!

Mell_f said...

Jj: More SR posts, i shall do then :)

Kenny: ya tu laitu tapi kami nda pigi guna itu free rent bicycle, we walked most of the time. Plus,the weather pun tidak brapa bagus during our stays.

Chii: heavenly indeed. Ada jg masa hujan yg lebat betul stranded us in our room,cant go anywhere else. That's when the 82 channels come in handy :D

The tambirang of Merl is it you? (ada lagi main teka2 bah):D.

I miss everything in SR, i just love the place and the people.

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