Apr 5, 2008

Cute sticker..

Very cute kan that sticker? BF said he wants to stick that right after he pays the dowry.. Adoiii..

I might worth 5 digits tau (any figure i wrote here is subject to change. To confirm the exact figure, please visit my blog again after few years) . At some point i feel so valuable (even without that price!) and so wanted and so marvelous and so *add more GOOD adjectives as you please*

However, if the price is too high also, i'm afraid if i'll end up becoming a spinster. How come not to afraid? I need to pass this good genes bah. *triple wink + evil grin*

Well, of course the price is negotiable. Well, as for me, dad is very understanding. For the unlucky ones (i mean the boys) , do whatever is right. Negotiate patiently and keep the sanity. *girls, dont you feel lucky to be born as a female? hikhik..*

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