Apr 10, 2008

Saturated brain

I'm going to have the first examination tomorrow, and here i am, mem-blog. It's an open book exam, and i've been revising the contents since the past 5 days. Last morning, while me and my gang were waiting for the lecturer to come, we discussed about the possible question that might be out in the exam. They started to mention that graph, that table, that formula, ect while i mumbling the pages of it in that book. One of my gang realize this and said, "Wah, u remember the pages ka?" "Yalah,buat apa you remember that?" Hello! If that can reduce the answering time, then why not to remember it? Though it is an open book exam, i dont think peanut questions will be given.
*sigh* Saturated brain. It's been 5 days straight, you know. haih..


Tal said...

Wow! Memang terrer la ko Mell. :p Rindu pula sy mo amik exam.....What's your plan after this? :D (mo kaC kena bah ni, last year tensen sy org tanya soalan tu...)

By the time you read this, dpt jawab sudah soalan sy...mcm exam? :p.

Mell said...

exam? as expected,susah! trick sj open book..haih..

hehe,plan? mau keja suda ni. but havent got any offer yet. *sigh*

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