Feb 10, 2011

Horiculture therapy

Apart of my flowers and veges, this is the most pampered one

I bought this xmas tree dengan pasu sekali at the price of rm10 from a nice uncle in Stutong Market, Kch. Masih kecil lagi time tu, sekarang macam lebih besar dari itu pasu.

By end of this year,I’ll be more than happy if the tree grows 2 times bigger from the current size. I have faith in baja taik ayam in which I’ve become fond of the smell haha, reminds me of my kampung. In my kampung, any seeds u throw mustahil la tidak menjadi. Macam di kampung org lain juga :)

And the pearl grass update:

From this (August 2010)

To this (Jan 2011)


Although I am not physically there and witness the whole progress, it doesn’t make me less happy. 

And that makes my day :)

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