Feb 25, 2011

Cheese cake!

I baked my first cheese cake, it's not as easy as choco-pot that i made early this year. Well if I cant perfect this recipe in the first attempt,i must in second attempt ngehehe. Nonetheless, it tastes good and verified by hubby. And no i didn't put any killing weapon on any part of his body during food tasting. 

It's very important to:

NOT have the cake from cracking. bake it in water bath and must use HOT water, dont put cold water thinking the water temperature will rise as the baking progressing. NO. You'll get longer baking time coz the heat supplied has to rise up the water temp first then only this heat will help to bake the cake. So if you use the hot water, you've skip the former, left with the latter.Precision ok precissssiiiiooonn. 

Another thing, when you pour in the cheesecake mixture into the baking pan like mine, ensure that the height of the mixture is less than half of the pan's height. It's a cake rule, not only cheese cake. Or else, halo cracked cake.

KEEP the silky texture of cheesecake mixture, and you'll get a silky texture cheesecake. All ingredients must be at room temp prior to mixing. My mistake was that, my cream cheese is still 1/4 cold when i put it in. The aftermath? Longer mixing time coz it's lumpy all over urggh.

That's all the tips. I might be a newbie in baking but i have laboratory skills equipped with thermodynamic knowledge and you must know that before ignoring the tips hehe.

have a great weekend! :)


Just said...

trus rasa mo mkn egg tart.. sbb kuning2 tu cheese cake mcm warna egg tart.. hheheeh

chegu carol said...

sungguh yummy nampak tu cheese cake.
and thanks for the tips. Eventho i dont think im going to try it soon, tapi mana lah tau len kali sa pigi mencuba, buli lah ingat tips ko.

Chris Anakapai said...

aiseh...sedap nya tu mell...
thanks for the tips. lain kali mo apply ni.

Mell_f said...

Just: hehehe mula2 sy pun nampak mcm tart telur o tapi rasa tatap cheese cake ni :D

Carol & Chris: no problem :)

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