Feb 15, 2011

My valentine aiseh

I dont blog about foods or restaurants in particular, but since this was my first Vday celebrated neither in KK nor Kch but in KL hell yeah, in TGIF (Pavillion) somemore, how can i not blog about this kan kan kan?

I blogged before about his fail attempt to surprise me haha,turned out it wasnt a total failure at all. He admits there is a surprise, but he managed to keep the restaurant's name in secret till his reservation time was up. I'm glad he ignored my threats in exchange to reveal it haha.

When we reached tgif, i saw a long queue of lovey doveys waiting for seats, i dont know how long they've waited, all i know i'm glad Fred made a reservation for us.

Especially on Vday, tgif is serving two Vday sets, consist of appetizer, main course and desserts. What you normally see in their menu are not available on Vday, only the 2 sets.

Let see what we both had:

 Stuffed mushroom

Spiced shrimp

Main courses:
.I had this in medium rare. Tuscan balsamic roasted garlic steak. Heavenly delicioussss.

 I crossed section this for u to share my kesedapan. If you havent tried medium rare steak before, you havent eaten a steak at all. betul ni.

Braised short ribs. So soft, the meat is loosened out from the ribs effortlessly. 

Mocha mud pie. I thought it's a cake @.@ but it is actually a mocha ice cream, coated with choc crumb rust and topped with the generous portion of hot fudge. Sweet enough to get me toothache.

Dessert mini duet. Strawberry and snickers served in such way.
I couldn't asked for more than these delicious foods. besides, i always wanted to dine in tgif but sadly there's no tgif outlet in east msia. dem. Anyway, thanks to dear hubby for giving me this gastronomic experience and paying for it hehe :)

After all, what Vday really matter is the presence of your loved one with you and the sense of gratefulness that somebody loves you other than your precious family and friend. 

How can you not love your life knowing you are loved by so many people? 

Start counting your blessings dearies :)


Anonymous said...

dei.. kesukaan nya dia. bah kasi beli sia speaker satu lah aa..


debrajill said...

owww~ your hubby so sweet~ i think guys that fails to surprise is so sweet..hahaha..weird kan.neway aduh mak itu makanan kan sungguh mengeliurkan! yum yum~

Mell_f said...

debrajil: haha betul jg kan? they tried so hard to surprise and we tried to pretend we didnt know about it but in fact,we did haha.

the foods are awesome. If i were to choose shopping or eat this food again,i'd choose the food. what an experience.

Joanne Juend said...

i like it! :)

Mell_f said...

Juend: yihee ;) how's the gym thingy?

Lizeewong said...

yeah, like Debs sweet the gesture :))

Mell_f said...

Lizee: yea,funny and sweet altogether :)

Just said...

pls manang tu foods. hahahaha

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