Feb 7, 2011

A plan

In the midst of arranging our itineraries in KL, happy happy mode la kunun.

Out of sudden,

M: So where do you plan to have our valentine dinner?

F: Ah? Saya tidak tau apa apa pasal tu. full stop.


You know why guys are so fail at making surprises? their responses are so obvious. It's either they become so excited about it (which is a total fail if they accidentally behave so haha) or they become so cold about it (relative to the prior mood).

Now i know there is a plan. muahahaha.


Just said...

kami pun nda pernah mo bg surprise.. mula2 mgkin surprise la.. tp bila mo dekat sdh mesti kena tnya jg.. mo discuss la ba kunun.. grrrrrr...

memeljoan said...

Eheheh, yg penting can celebrate together bah..:) which i can't...:(

Mell_f said...

@just: haha aduish rusak plan o gitu.

@memel: halo memel,hope u doing fine there dgn baby :) iya,celebrate makan yg sedap2 (padahal hari lain bulih juga pun haha)

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