Jul 13, 2011


What kind of satisfaction one obtains to use somebody's dad's name as an example to reply a post,which in the end makes no sense at all?? I couldnt get the idea of mocking somebody's name, let alone the name of the dad that raised you.

I say my brother posted something in his fb, which is a totally harmless post NOT until i read one brainless comment from his brainless friend. I just dont understand the kind of people that my brother mingle with, i've seen so many times they address my brother using my dad's name in his FB, and being nothing less than stupid, we, the siblings are in my bro's fb and listed as SISTERS, AUNT, UNCLES etc of course we can read that! Can anybody with sound mind do that ??

Initially, this is what she replied (in red) to this post:

Dy, how is Ardy related to dad's name (sorry) and dad's name (sorry) relates to Ardy.

I replied. (55 mins ago)

Then she replied and it goes something like this.

'kalau sensetive,bagus tidak payah la masuk dalam SOCIAL network ni. kau tidak tau apa yg saya cakap sama si Ardy. douchebag.

(in your shallow mind, you believe all the people who owns FB account are less sensitive people? hallo, how does the 'we hate' page come from?)

I replied. (37 mins ago)

fcuk you. 


My last reply. (35 mins ago)

Then my brother deleted all her posts to save her from the ultimate humiliation cause by no one but herself. You should see her profile pic, dengan muka yg dimekap tebal begitu plus gaya begini lagi, senang jadi glamour you.

What she wrote does not make any sense at all. Of all things in the world, she chose to bring up my dad's name and to make it sound less offensive, you apologize? Like seriously?

And that notion fcuk you? Sure, i'd would love to fcuk myself and labelled as sensitive rather than to see my dad's name being wrote ONLINE in a totally senseless manner by these insensitive brats. How my brother can stand these insensitive people everyday are beyond my comprehension.

So moral of the day

~Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt~ 
Mark Twain.


memeljoan said...

Ya lor...biadap sungguh orang itu!

Jj said...

very rude oo tu orang...teda perasaan kali dia tu...

Mell_f said...

Memel and JJ: tu lah bah,x faham btl sy. Maybe in offline world dorang terlampau kerap sd bermain olok2 begitu sampai terbawa2 pigi online world. Still,i dont understand how my bro can stand it haih.

Armstrong said...

Lawa la Mell... I support you!


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