Jul 11, 2011


1. I've been getting calls from a private number which i believe the person behind that number has no sense of time at all. Ada kah call orang tengah malam macam budukang? If any of my reader happens to love calling people by setting his/her number to become private number, please make me understand the benefit of doing that when you cant even pass you messages through to other people, especially me,who keep on rejecting calls from such number. Whatever it is that you're up to i believe it is not made of good intentions and i forever perceive you as such, else prove me wrong.

2. About bersih 2.0. I know this is so yesterday but my FB most recent news feed shows otherwise. The arguments of who's right and wrong gets heated many times, you just want to get a pop corn and enjoice the fb show. This is how i can conclude from the 2 days observations

The bersih 2.0 aim is to have a clean electoral hence the name. Anyone that believes in clean electoral can join in,regardless of you being pro govt or not. This is called as group A. However, the way to convey this clean electoral message was through the rally, the act that everyone against with. Why want to cause disharmony in our society? This group of people that loves peace no war motion,i called this as group B. On another party, one might perceive this is the opposition tricks to show another flaws in our current govt so that they gain more votes from the enlightened Msians in the next election. One being pro govt is absolutely against this. I called this as group C. Group D are those ignorant brats who dont care about all these at all, they just keep silent and life goes on. 

So how many people of such group in your fb?

And oh,you dont have to love politics to know the whatever sh!ts that's going on in our state particularly, and in our country, generally. You just have to read a lot.

That's all to rambles about.



Chii said...

Can I say I'm proud to be D? I don't give a damn about the issue at all. lolz.

Mell_f said...

@Chii: no one's judging you anyway.

Just said...

D jg ni.. malas mau peduli. Hal sendiri pun bnyk lg mau peduli. kikiki..

Mell_f said...

@Just: ignorance is bliss,for some.

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