Jul 5, 2011

On the (lab) floor

Continuation from my 30DBC (days blog challenge)

Day 25: A song to match your mood

I am in the mood of completing all rounds of samples analysis in the lab hence the made up title. Begini lah kunun lyric dia:

If you go hard you gotta get on the (lab) floor
If you’re a party freak then step on the (lab) floor
If your an animal then tear up the (lab) floor
Break a sweat on the (lab) floor
Yeah we work on the (lab) floor
Don’t stop keep it moving
Put your drinks up!


In case you're living in Pluto all this while, this song is a remix of the original song entitled Lambada, made famous by JLo and Pitbull in 2011. 

Another  5 days to complete this blog challenge hehe.

Till then!


Joanne Juend said...

klu ko menari mcm j.Lo, sy tambah percaya kadar effect ni lagu sm hidup ko! LOL!

Mell_f said...

haha ah nda siap kereja ai nanti

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