Jul 26, 2011

Skills last forevah

About 2 weeks ago, i attended Jlo makeup workshop organized by Beverly. She had done various artist-inspired type of makeup workshop before such as Kim Kadarshian, Megan Fox and recently, JLo. I just have to bring myself and all the makeup items are provided. By the way, this was my 2nd attended workshop held by Bev. This workshop only cost me RM150 and RM50 voucher of OFFICE makeup is included. All it takes is only 3 hours of ur Sunday. Good deal yes?

I dont want to bored you with the details, so to sum it up:
  • I learn the proper way to put on bottom fake eyelashes. Tedious with capital t haiz.
  • If you have puffy eyes, silver eye shadow is a big no coz your eyes will ended up like u've been punched by somebody's wife but u can defeat it by wearing heavy fake eyelashes both on upper and bottom. refer style 1.
  • I was quite hesitant to do smokey eyes with bright fuschia as lip color, kenapa juga si Jlo suka betul istail begini coz from what i know of is that, you can only choose 1 part of your face as focus (kah saya ini yang begitu skema betul? haha) kalau mata suda smokey then lips lagi begitu adoh. At the end it turns out....ok pula. refer style 3.
I still need to practice more and more to make it neat. U cant see it here but i can see it after i zoom my picah 100%.

Style 1. Silver eye shadow with light pink lips. My right dimple is very shy.
Style 3. Smoky eyes with bright fuchsia lips.
comes with cert!

All photos are courtesy of Muah Bev.  For more pixies, click here

If you want to learn makeup might as well learn it from the professionals. Plus, you get to know what suitable for your face, a thing that YouTube cant provide :). 

Till then. Toodles! 


Sheila said...

Cantik nya!!! Eh.. kalau zero knowledge mcm ah? haha.. ada hati ni mo belajar tapi memang totally zero ni..

Mell_f said...

Sheila: ohh no problem baitu, sy pun start zero jg hehe

Lizeewong said...

You're naturally pretty even without make-up but with those make-up, OMG you're something else. Terus mcm celebrity! Hehe I love your dimple :)

Armstrong said...

Nice nice... wow you have a tiny dimple over there haaha now only I know.

well, I think I like the one without the smokey eyes more. Looks simpler. Haaha dunno la. I say only :P

Mell_f said...

Lizee: senyum2 sendiri sia depan pc hihi. thanks ah :)

Arms: sama la,i didnt quite like the hot fuschia punya lips colour. macam tu bibir teriak 'look at me cepat,look' haha.

Cherrie.Mia said...

Hi Mell_F long time tidak visit yr blog, dunno if you still remember me. Wow, pandai ni ko mekap2x...cantik ada dimple pula kau kan...

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