Aug 4, 2011

Kch food fest

Just came back from food festival here in Kch. It was completely different from what we have in Kk. The food fest here is done annually, and more like a bazar, where they placed all the stalls in a large compound. The antics of this is of course, the lack of parking lots. Lucky me and hubz came just at the right time, but weather is not being nice to a first timer like me, so the process of buying foods from stall to stall was a bit ma fan. Plus, the process of securing seats in the roofed area was competitive. However i manage to look see look see most of the stalls. Food wise, most are chinese influenced so yeah u know what i mean. My catches of the day are german sausage (beer better companion), takoyaki (been searching hi and lo for this in kch but to no avail), mango sticky rice (yuck,will nvr bought from that stall again), satay. No pics though, coz apple cam sux. Will definately go again to sample other foods since this food fest last till 22Aug. Till then. Toodles!


Chii said...

wahh...siuknya..wish i could be in kch right now..d mana bazar tu?

Armstrong said...

Hoho... it seems that I've read a few posts about Sarawak already. How come a, a lot lately :P

Btw, when u say kch, u mean Kuching rite? hahaa. Blur-blur suda ni mo dekat pukul 3 pagi.

Mell_f said...

Chii: i'm not really familiar with the place year, u come around august,ada ni food fest.

Arms:ya kch is kuching bukan kuchai ah haha..ya ba,how not to blog about this. satu tahun satu kali woo.

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