Mar 27, 2008

brain teaser..

I got a question for y'all.. "A y a m b e r k o k o k, h a r i m a u _______" This riddle is so famous in early 90's. Dad was the 1st person asking this Q to me (who was only 7 or 8 that time). And suddenly a friend of mine asking the same Q again,today. Funny when people come out with many type of answers. Not to forget those who dont really master their BM, even to say 'roar' in BM pun tidak tau ni..pathetic betul.
But i guess this Q is very lame already. Only my coursemates saja yang sort of 'kebaruan' with this teaser. Again,pathetic betol.


Tal said...

Haha! Kesian jg coursemate ko. Hm..maybe that teka teki only known in Sabah?? But then kan, sy pun nda pandai sebut mengaum oh. BM sy bida bah. :p Yg sy tau, klu ayam berkokok of course la hari mau siang. Hehe.

Mell said...

hehe..ya betol..but i dont think in sabah only ba,because yg tiba2 asking that Q tu org swak ni. or maybe known in borneo only..hihi

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