Mar 27, 2008

Crazy people LIVE in my YM!

There is one crazy fella,who is not in my friends' list in YM or MSN, but able to chat with me pulak. The first time chat,he sort of like being a gentleman la konon. My name is bla bla, i'm from bla bla, i'm half aussie bla bla, i'm working as bla bla. All the bla bla rubbish things. Initially i think it would be ok to chat with him, since he's sort of revealing most of the important details,to gain my trust la tu konon. Oh well,i take back my words. It is absolutely NOT OK to chat with someone you barely know, because what happen was, he started to dig in my personal life, asking am i attached to anyone la, how many times me and the partner having sex in a week la, and so so.
I was like..HUH???!!
Memang indeed sex maniac la tu. Maybe he's so desperate like hell, and im telling you,that conversation started only 3 or 4 min after he introduce himself. What i did after that is to spam him, then blocked him. Haha..This was few months back. Today, i sign in into my YM acc. And suddenly,i was greeted by somebody who seems sooo familiar. After seeing his email..*GOSH*.. It's him again. How did that happen after i SPAM and BLOCK him? Ni yahoo memang ada masalah preserving the customer's privacy policy. And this time, he still do the same old thing. Introducing himself la konon, as if i dont recall him anymore. "My name is bla bla, i'm from bla bla, i'm half aussie bla bla, i'm working as bla bla." After he finished his line, dengan so selambanya i said "So"? Hahaha.. He was pissed by that. Padan muka. He did reply but i was so lazy to care, peduli la ko sana. This time, i SPAM and BLOCK him again. Let's see whether he can make it the 3rd time or not. If whoever wants to add you in YM or MSN using the name of SabahAdvChallenge, REJECT immediately. That might be him. Taik ni, pandai2 mau guna nama Sabah.

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