Mar 6, 2008

Feeling down down down!

I've been hit by few unlucky things this week.
  1. My forgetfulness is at a critical level. I almost lost my watch due to that,luckily i got it back. And recently, i have moved to a new house. I've been going back and forth there, transferring my things but still i went to the wrong house. Lots of similar things like this occur this week, and i wonder why. Could it be the amnesia? T_T
  2. Dad prohibit us to bring the cats to our new house, and I feel terrible bout that. Last afternoon i went there again to see them, and seeing the cats still waiting outside our former house, miaw-ing like crazy, makes me feel even more terrible. While writing this, my heart is still aching. I'm sad sad sad!
I cant further writing this anymore. Unhappy mood dominating.


Tal said...

Aaaaaa! Ko kaC tinggal kucing ko? *sob sob* Pindah p mna oo Mell?

Mell said...

masih stay area mgatal juga,pindah rumah pun masih bersedih ni tal,teringat2 sy sama kucing sy tu..huhu

Fredy said...

bawa la skali. sembunyi2.

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