Mar 10, 2008

Ada orang marah..yeyeyeyeye

There's one guy in my course, really intimidating. Intimidating until he only got 5 friends in the class. And those are the ONLY people he sticks to.

Why he is very much hated?

He's a money sucking creature
-BF hate this fella to hell due to this reason, and so do most of his tenants. I'm not surprise if one day he's ended up beaten.

He's the ego maniac
- FORGIVE or SORRY are the words that he would utter if he's going to die in 1 sec.

He loves to underestimate people
-As if he's the greatest one in the class, cgpa 3.30 pun tak sampai la dey. Face very like wall ka acai?

Bitchy mouth
-If there's any bitching competition, he would definitely defeated the natural born females. At some moment I really think he's a female hybrid aka pondan. pondan yg teruk.

Very anorexic and unhandsome
- It's an obvious statement. I hate anorexic and unhandsome guy!

Remember my post about the Shell thingy? It's only meant for SELECTED people, and luckily he's not in the list. And you people want to know what he says?

There goes denial. Then suddenly the conversation become serious, he starting to write


In uppercase letter lagi tu. I started to feel the excitement. Yeye.. Huiyo, marah betul dia ni. Oh, after you put sarcastic remarks on those SELECTED people, then when i reply like that you want to get angry la? Haha..I'm loving this moment babeh..

After that conversation, he sent me tonnes of marah marah punya messages. I reply it with HAHA, HIHI, HAHA, HIHI.. What a great moment it was. hihihi..

The chat ended when he stop replying. You lose, KO!

He should believe in Karma. What goes around, ALWAYS comes around. I reciprocate what you have done to people and i bet you should be upset by now. If you dont want to include me on your group assignment anymore, it's ok. Unlike you, i have lots of mates to form a group. But you? haha.. Eh wait, you're not the group leader pulak, maybe u'll be the one ditching youself from the existing group. haha..


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