Oct 5, 2011

Word-less Wed

Blurry image,that's intentional though. If you've read what i wrote here, here it is i'm telling you, a complete 360deg change of style haha. Pardon me, I'm spoilt with choices :p

By the way, I cant do wordless but word-less is ok haha :D

Till then.


Jj said...

*like* nah, dapat suda 'the shoe'. no more cubuk2 another pandai jg p tingu2 kasut tu kan moi... hehe

Lizeewong said...

So you've finally found THE perfect fit hehe. Cantik ba..ada bling2 lagi :)

Mell_f said...

Jj: haha betul tu,biarpun suda beli tapi selagi belum bulan 12,selagi itu jg masih bole tinguk2 hahaha.

Lizee: yea,perfect fit yet hehe. lama lagi bulan 12 kan :p

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