Oct 28, 2011

Writing mode

My thesis-writing setting.

facing the wide Sg. Batang Rajang. Halo Sibu.

When i'm on my quick neck stretch, i just flip the curtain and enjoy the view

Not the typical sea view punya view (??) nonetheless, it's good to have this kind of setting when you're doing a task that requires 110% of your focus. My 2 long years work depends strongly on this thesis. You see, one can do enormous kinds of work but at the end of the day, all the hard work boils down to one single paper/report that defines it. So kalau bos bilang 'buat balik ini report/thesis', means whatever you wrote is not convincing enough. So if you cant convince them, confuse them (??)

The most difficult thing in writing this so far is to organize every facts in my head and type it down accordingly.
I've tried to organize the facts by drafting it in my book,but once i started typing, all the planned flow is changing. I've tried typing sub topic by sub topic but when i joined them to make a 'story', i still have to change here and there coz they appear individually rather than a continuation of something. Last2, i delete everything and write from scratch coz apa yang suda ada bikin bingung seja. Anyway, chapter outline is the first, must-thing to do. It focuses your mind to write accordingly. 

And a good place to write complements everything. I'm not implying the message of having to stay in hebat2 place just to write anything nice, it just complements the right state of mind that u're in.

Ok lah, that's all. Pening pula sy tgk tulisan panjang2 disini.


FionaHafiz said...

sea view? that is river view lah! haha. eh tapik sungai rajang memang besarr macam laut. lagi coklat. lagi be-kapal. memang macam laut =.=

i've been there during my plant visit last year. do you know that the sibu WTP was the best WTP in malaysia? hehe.

Mell_f said...

haha Ona ba,itu la ba aku bilang bukan typical sea view sebab itu river view yg sukulaaat airnya. hari2 ada bot besar kicik limpas wah. siuk.

Best WTP in Msia? Oh first time dgr. Good info. Nanti aku kasitau kawan2 Sibu.

Lizeewong said...

Ahhh..I feel you. Especially that part about threading the smaller parts in a thesis to form a story. Yoda emphasizes this ALL the time. It's so frustrating when you have all this organised story in your head but then when it comes to putting them down on paper they become disoriented :/

Apa-pa pun chayo chayo to both of us.

Sheila said...

Sampai bila kau sana? Kami balik Sibu ni Raya Haji..

Armstrong said...

All the best in your thesis writing ;)

Happy saturday Mell.

Mell_f said...

Lizee: yes! all the best to us.
Sheila: alah, balik kch suda kami. 3 malam ja disini, si fredy ada plant visit
Arms: thanks aa. Happy cat-urday too heeee :D

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