Oct 9, 2011

Food in Siem Reap

Among all of the foods i tasted there, i miss Lok Lak the most. I eat that almost everyday throughout our trip. Rice is complimentary in most restaurants that we visited, you can just add in for free.

beef noodles. add-whatchu-want kinda style

after. yums.

Fresh spring roll.

cross section. i feel healthy -_-

Lok Lak @ Khmer Kitchen Restaurant, Pub Street
Lok Lak served in Golden Temple Villa.

USD1.50 fried rice.

USD0.75 Angkor beer. Cheaper than the fuel here.

When i see this, i straightaway feels like home.

Our breakfast in Blue Pumpkin, SR Airport right before boarding to the flight back to Msia.

When my husband and I were walking around the pubstreet, old market area, i stumbled upon Happy herb Pizza restaurant. I've read about that pizza frequently in tripadvisor forum, thus i know what has been put inside to make one 'happy' after eating it haha. Definitely not for the law abiding citizen like me. heh :p

That's all for now.

Till then.


Chii said...

yum! semua nampak sedap!!

Just said...

sayur ja sia nmpk ooo... sia ni mana mkn sayur.. huhuuh..

Mell_f said...

Chii: very,betul2 yummy o..healthy lg tu

Just: hahaha ada jg yg daging2 segala,tapi tu spring roll dia wpun 90% sayur,cicah sama itu kuah dia pun sedap oo.

neck cream said...

all those foods makes me wonder if I could cook all of them. I really like cooking and also serving people.

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