Oct 11, 2011

Oh polyvore

Still cant get over it hahaha.

Since i am going to present my research paper in an international conference held in USM this sat, this is basically what i'm going to wear. Ini lah ni sindrom kebaruan sama Polyvore ah, please bear with me haha.

1. Cardigan + Short sleeve button shirt - I'm presenting on the 2nd day, so on the 1st day i'm going to be an audience only.

2. Long sleeve button shirt- going to wear it on the presentation day itself. Mau masculine look kunun. Someone ask me to bring a formal coat, just in case.


That's all. Till next polyvore post haha.


Armstrong said...

Ba ngam lai tu. Before you go for the real thing, test2 pakai and post di blog la. Hahaa.

Happy Wednesday 2mr yea, Mell.

btw, 52 days o kan hehee.

Mell_f said...

Arms: aha tatapz. happy Wednesday to u as well. teda macam 52 days sd rasa dia tu,mcm 12 days suda rasa dia heeeee.

Jj said... conference! ba, good luck mell.. btw, smart la ur attire :)

Just said...

smart attire.. :) enjoy ur conference..

Lizeewong said...

Looking sharp Mel :)

Mell_f said...

Jj: ya,this kind of conference jarang2 kena bikin di Msia,if ya pun,tia ngam timing mo join tsk tsk. kalau mo ikut intl conference yg oversea punya mmg tia tepigi laitu haha. Anyway thanks :)

Just: I will,sambil JJCM di Penang hehe.

Lizee: heeeee thanks :)

Anonymous said...

nice trends especially for formal wears and attires fitted for casual and meeting occasions.

skincare said...

this is good for working outfits especially during meetings and press conference.

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