May 22, 2008

Our school uniform is it?

Read the full article here The uniform mention there is referring to the one that is worn by the non muslim govt. students : white blouse and skirt. Hm..i thought only the pengawas or Form 6 students wear that. Anyway, If they say the white blouse is sexy, i partially agree because even in pinafore, it is still sexy for me. So girl-next-door of me kan? I ended up wearing baju kurung throughout my secondary school, with decent camisole and pettiskirt. In this issue, not only the white blouse pose harm to the female students, the pinafore too. I still remember back in Lahad datu, 1 of my classmate, a male, reveal to me the modus operandi of how he and his gang peeping the females' undies. Well, it only applies for the pinafored one lah. I wont reveal how they do it. All i can say, the XY species can be surprisingly creative and brainy when it comes to peeping, biarpun selalu dapat no. 30 dalam kelas. In other cases, i do observed my form 6 seniors meng-modify-kan their white blouse and knee-length skirt just to get the attention of XY species, or maybe just to look sexy (konon la). The cotton blouse is replaced with silky type of material. The silk do gives us the breezy type of sensation when wearing it, but when it comes to the eye..huh, it 'soothes' and 'breezes' the eye's of the beholder also. It 'breezes' even more when there's no undergarment beneath it. Free show bah. Do you think it's sexy? NO. It's CHEAP! Well, maybe that explains why some of the married men go after the students or the other way round. Gila sungguh. So when the articles says:
...uniform worn by girls at government schools, encourages rape and pre-marital sex.
...with the association saying that some used the white blouse to lure men
before saying ' I dont agree', you might want to think it over again. Girls, we know it better right?
I am neutral in this Emo Smile

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