May 26, 2008

Job hunting..

Am bored, and tv is a good companion..oh, reader's digest too. I need to kill the boredom, so i am in need to find decent jobs which equivalent to my qualifications. There are times when i almost fall into banking industry, since my sis got few internal sources di bank tutttttt. 'If it's just to fill the free time, then why not', i think. But i know once i start liking the job, i will stick to that permanently. Then my B.Eng is just a display. The basic salary for banking newbies is MYR2500- min. PublicBank offers MYR2800-min for freshies. (I am an idiot if i say i dont have any sense of urge hearing this for the 1st time)
But then, money isnt everything. Chem Eng is my passion, and MYR2500 cant buy that. Someone even encourage me to involve in education field, because less working hours, good salary and etc. Still, i give the same answer. Emo Smile
I know i wont be Chem Eng in advance, and i dont mind if i have to start from scratch. As long as i am in the field. But then, Sabah is lacking of chemical industries. I still need to migrate to other places like Sarawak or WM maybe?
The job hunting begins.. Emo Smile
* Oh, i need to congratulate someone on getting a great job. All of his worries and anxiety end today. You deserve it babe. Emo Smile


fred said...

thanks babeh.. hehe...

Mell said...

u deserve it babeh..

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