May 8, 2008

today's post

Nah, splurge yourself with these bulleted updates. Haha..
  • I've been viva-ed, and everything turns well. And even better, supervisor do not ask me to make further correction for the thesis. Hohoho
  • Am available for job market now. *grin*. FYI, since February this year till now, i've been interviewed 3 times. All interviews went well, but you see, the problem with job ad in newspaper is that, the job posted is not exactly the same with what the company is offering. There's 1 interview, i positively think i am applying for the post of Environmental Eng. but after being interviewed, the job is to do corrosion analysis for the pipeline. *sigh*. Only 1 interview i attended that can be called as what-u-read-is-what-u-get. Still waiting for the result though. Hmm
  • Someone is feeling overjoy this week ;). And am happy for him.
  • Have you ever seen sane people wearing nothing but towel, strolling in KK? I have, and my first reaction is to laugh. haha.
  • Ironman is superb-ly awesome. Speed Racer, ok ok la. Narnia's sequel is coming out on15th. Oh yeah!

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