May 14, 2008

A public community service..hoho

The Harvest Season is on and apart from celebrating the festive at the end of this month, i would advise to para papito,para mamito, youngsters, old-sters (haha) and all sekalian
Good things about this festive is people get long off-day; Montoku, Bahar, Tapai, Tuak, 310 are available at any places, sold at cheap price; People get to see Unduk Ngadau at this annual event; And we get to see bulks of funny pictures of people getting drunk in the local newspaper.And that's the thing that interest me Emo Smile
I've seen so many occasion when people are so intoxicated with alcohol, and they tend to do things that hard to be accept by sane mind. They pee wherever they like, they talk nonsense, miraculously some of them can speak Engrish, though they never attend school, they even sing the national anthem the same way as they are karaoke-ing, and worst, they will chase some of the sumandaks (young females), with unknown intention. These are some of the real life events that i observed at my hometown back in Ranau. There's no wrong in drinking alcohol, but know your capacity. Who on earth wants to drink like crazy and end up realizing they have kill a relative the next day? Who on earth wants to drink like crazy and end up raping a student, and during trial, the only excuse to give is 'We are posses by the Satan'? Who wants their drunken pic to be publish in the newspaper Emo Smile
So, tell your loved ones to take good care of themselves during the 2 days event. Emo Smile But i'm still hoping to see lotsa drunken pics in Daily Emo Smile


Pirut said...


JACQ said...

I agree to everything on what you said on this post! :)

Mell said...

wow..2 well known sabahan bloggers come to drop a line *bangga*


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