May 18, 2008

One of a kind post..haha

*disclaimer: I am real. This is my OWN opinion and you might hate it. If you think you are strong enough to digest it, feel free to read. If you dont, you're not welcome. Thank You.*
I never like Akademi Fantasia, not even once. The reason is because the so called contestants are so.....lame. None of them succeed to make me stay and keep watching them till the end. NONE. Well, i'm a big fan of idol, though. AF don't even stand at the worst Idol standard, so don't ever think of comparing AF to Idol. Initially, I perceive AF as some sort of cheap entertainment (qualitatively), but still can earn lotsa $$ from morons.
But this year, i am hooked up with 1 contestant from AF6. I seldom watching AF in regular basis, but this year, she made me. (or maybe i have lotsa time to kill Emo Smile)
All of her performances are consistent, even the judges said so. I have to admit, at that tender age, she's way too good..I guess i dont have to add on, i bet all of the regular watchers of AF know what's best in her. She deserves to be at the point where she stands now. And in final, i bet she's going to win it. Look to the right and scroll down.
I made a poll for you to cast your vote. It's FOC, Bias-free, State conscious type of people please go away. The poll is meant for Real voters, with Real IC. Emo Smile

1 comment:

Tal said...

I agree, Mell! Sy pun selama ni nda suka tgk AF...just dgr2 crita ja, but then ni kali mcm best pula tgk c Stacy tu menyanyi. =) But I can't stand si AC Mizal n Sarimah!!!

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