May 28, 2008


Auw man..i feel old
I am an avid fan of 911 since 12 years ago. I am really really really really into this band.
much mature looks..keh keh keh..
The reason why i stick to this band for 12 freaking years is.....
how not to get stick? unless you're a lesbos..hehehe
He's married anyway. Not that i'm going to UK and steal him away from the wife. Will i? Haha.. Crazy me.. When all of you have the first crush on your kindy friends ka, primary school friends ka, i have crush on that fella at the age of 11. Hohoho.. To BF: Jangan marah ( i know u wouldnt get angry, that's why i dare posting this..keh keh keh). I feel good seeing 911's pic on the front post. Dont want to update la for few days. Haha..

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