Jan 15, 2009

All about me!

I've been tagged by AnnieMing. I appear first in your tagged-list, a very interesting creature i am huh? LOL! Here goes the 5 things You might- and-dont know about me.
Cats and Mell
The relation is obvious but little did people know that i believe, i was born as a cat in my past life. Regardless of their wrongdoings towards me; accidentally giving birth on my freaking bed, scratch me viciously out of sudden, spontaneously climb up to my table and lick my freaking Milo in my mug, miaw-ing crazily out of my bedroom to enter and a minute after i let them in, they miaw-ing again to get out, etc etc, i just cant lose my temper on them. As if i've known them for a lifetime, thus whatever shit they are creating i just make do with it. Snakes and Mell I dont hate them, i just dont want to be near them including anak ular. eeee..I saw one in 1borneo Rainforest yesterday. For only rm10, you'll get a pose with the freaking snake. Bah pigi lah kalau mau. I get confuse with my origin
I was born in KK, brought up in Lahad Datu, my parent's kg is at Ranau, and currently staying in KK. So if people were to ask me, 'kau orang mana?', what should be the answer? help me. Diet and Me I never use that verb in my 23 years of living coz my weight never exceed 46kg. I'm of the same height as Kristen Bell. Go figure. I'm a tag breaker ..hence i wont pass this tag to anyone.


maslight said...

LOL mell, I cringe with snakes presents. EWwwww @_@ talking about it also makes me go @_@ slightly paranoid.

Kengkaru Kong said...

i like ...haha... nasiblah ko Mell, tag breaker... hehe

Just said...

Never exceed 46kg huh? I maintained my kgs too. Was once reached 48kg. But, dpt maintain balik. Naa... now after gave birth, 52kg!!!!

The Dusun Aroma said...

Bagus tu.. tag breaker :)

cLaiRe Bennet said...

hehehe...iya..bgs...haha bgs nya kalau sy jadi mcm kau nda pandai naik berat badan...abis sy kuat makan...hehe sy dlm cubaan mau 48kg mcm dlu2 ni...malar sja 55kg...haha mati la

Wel^Beiolman said...

confused with your origin ka...haha..sia ingat ko bilang tagalog...haha....sia rasa kk la paling ngam mell..

Kadus_Mama said...

hehee..sama lah bah kita tu mell..telampau banyak tempat berhijrah sampai nda tau mana sudah kampung..heheee
bagus lah kalau ko maintain berat ko.. :) nanti susah mau kasi turun kalau te'naik

Tal said...

eee..Mell,got snakes at 1B? I want! haha...wei, p la melwt sy d 1B nnt..tu exhibition Malaysian Made products ahh. cya!

Mell_f said...

Massy: ahh..likewise! urrghhh!!

Kong: yeah,sy tau ramai yg gumbira tu. hehe

Just: yup,never exceed ;)

DA: LOL yeah!

Claire: ok pun ko tu,kalau si Iwan dangdut bilang, yg sedang2 saja. hehe.

Wel: hihi..tagalog seja. nti kau wel.

Kdmama: So far mmg masih maintain ni, hopefully smp bila2 la begini. kalau naik pun 1-2kg seja ka.haha.

Tal: Alah,hari senin suda ni. Sorry. tapi tu ular2 ada till feb tu.

-Beck; the Bandagedknee- said...

hey! :) great fact.. i mean.. :) i enjoy reading it.. :D keep writing.. ;)

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