Feb 11, 2010

I iz at peace

Robbers abduct two seaweed farmers

Manila joins hunt for Semporna gunmen

2 kidnapped Malaysians not in Sulu- military official

Location of kidnappers and victims still unknown 

On the contrary,

Life goes on as usual in Semporna

I'm very distracted by the news, but the plan is still on. I'm still going, and that doesn't simply indicates that i am that brave and that ignorance. Suffice to say, i know what i'm doing so does my supervisor. hehe :D

Tapi kan, I seriously dread the 11 hours road trip, kk-rnu-telupid-lahad datu-semporna that is. I've experienced enough of long journeys when i was still residing in LD, i thought it ends right after we moved to my dismay, ai iz wrong. However, if the weather permits we might opt for kk-kalabakan-semporna route, gravel road and very remote but distance-wise, it's shorter.

Ok,will update this again when the lazy bug is off me. haha. Take care ppl. Smile a lot, jangan suka menyindir.


Joanne Jose said...

mell, ko d semporna da? ai ai ai. fun! fun! :)

take care ok! jaga2 itu SUNBURN! ok. remembah- 2nd oct ni aa..

Mell_f said...

belum,masih di kk. will go there on 21st. 2/10 i will remembah.

cLaiRe Bennet said...

nda apa bah kalau urang kuat menyindir ni mell...sindir balik! kalau kau mau minta support saya kasi sedia suda cili2 d dapur.. wakakaka

Mell_f said...

haha i loike claire!

Ornest said...

Pulis cakap perairan kita selamat.. jgn percaya kabar angin... Stiap kali lepas cakap gitu, misti ada kes terjadi di laut kita... Itulah pulis kita ni slalu cakap basar... Sinang2 tu penculik pi menculik... Aik? menyindirkah sya ni? hehehe.. Bah, carefulllah semasa ko di Sempurna... Sya pun ada jadual jg mau pigi sana bulan depan ;)

nc said...

dorang ckp..jalan kalabakan..3 jam gravel o..ayooo...

Mell_f said...

Oiga: hihi bukan begitu ba menyindir,ko ni. bah take care juga di sana.

Nc: iya,that's what i heard too but excited pula sy mo try that road :D

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