Feb 18, 2010

Mika - Blue eyes

Listen here

Come, sorrow is so peculiar
It comes in a day, then it'll never leave you
You take a pill, wonder if it will fix you
They wonder why sorrow has never left you

I'm talkin' bout blue eyes, blue eyes
What's the matter, matter
Blue eyes, blue eyes
What's the matter matter
so blind, so blind
What's the matter, matter
Blue eyes, blue eyes

Heard it first (iya kesian kan) on the radio while im on my way to school. Set aside the meaning of the lyric, i feel like memandu passing the beaches in a non-convertible car, macam di Miami haha, sambil menyanyi 'blue eyes blue eyes'. Oh i am so crazy, tell me about it haha, but that's what keeps in me in a good mood almost everyday :D So stay crazy ppl or at least, let loose. Jangan kau tekanan bah hari2, gila betul2 kau nanti haha.

1 comment:

cLaiRe Bennet said...

Jap sy p dengar dlu. :D

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