Feb 3, 2010

Today's wed

I collected my updated IC today and by updated i mean with current pic and current address. I can just retain the old one and use it forever but often time during my encounter with the officer at immigration, he/she will ask me to recite my IC number and the address on it simply because i dont look like the person on that freaking IC demit. Malu besar ok? And now looking at my current IC doesnt ease me at all, that big fat face of mine will surely make the officer inquiry me again, and i can imagine how it goes

"kau kah ni? berapa umur kau time kau bergambar ni? kenapa kau gemuk disini? cuba sebut no IC kau sama alamat kau?"

Aduuuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii..Feels like stabbing right to my jantung already!!

That was few hours ago, now i kinda accepting my face fate, i will live with it. Officer(s),  nantikan jawapan dari ku hahaha.

Seriously lah kan, why cant we get better pic in JPN as in our 4up photos in ordinary photo studio? It must be the camera and the settings,yes? It cant be the photographer's skill, are you kidding me? Macam la org di JPN tu need to meniarap or something alike to take the pic :D

Ok that's all about my wednesday. 

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