May 6, 2011

Day 1- An Intro

Day 1: Introduction - A recent photo of you - 10 interesting facts.

paling latest laini muahaha
I dont think i have to do introduce myself in my own blog right? haha! So let's go straight to the 10 interesting facts about yours truly

One. I have trouble answering the question 'kau asal mana' simply because i was born in KK, brought up in Lahad Datu, 10 years later moved to KK again and both my parents were/are from Ranau. That makes Ranau as my kampung/hometown but everytime i'm being labelled as 'nah orang Ranau la bah kau tu' strangely i dont feel right but that is what perceived by most people. Labelling sux.

Two. I start blogging in 2006 via blogsome but i've deleted the blog and change to blogspot and it stays till now. Blogsome is not user friendly as in blogspot. You see the boxes in blogspot layout where you can put html codes ka, blog list ka, it is all ready to use. In blogsome, you have to learn some basic to intermediate level of html coding to put such 'informative decorations' on your side bar. Pheww those were the days.

Three. When i was in matriculation, i was stereotyped as a nerd haha. It's ok to be a nerd when you carried a cgpa of 3.95 and has power to choose the courses that you want instead of 'dilelong' *wink. Seriously people, no one can make you inferior without your consent.

Four. I only drive after my probation licence period ended coz throughout the 2 years i dont have any car at home that is available for me to drive, plus i'm sooo afraid to drive manual car but in the end, i bought a manual car instead wahahaha.

Five. I love non fiction types of book,there are lots of facts in this world that is worth reading.

Six. My heaviest weight so far is 48kg. Yes people, i have a high metabolism rate.And i am blessed to stay in the pink of health most of the years. I seldom get fever or flu. As much as we care about our hygiene level and food intake,we might as well consider to take care of our mental health. I get gastric when i was in stress so yeah i bet you know what i mean.

Seven. Fred and I were in the same school/faculty in Uni. After 2 years of passing each like a total stranger, we were introduced by a childhood friend of mine who happens to be his course mate as well. He made the first move which i'm glad he did because i was determined to stay single and get married at 30 hahaha. Our relationship is never easy but is it worth it? It sure does. I would do it all over again coz i've learn so many great lessons the hard way. I am always grateful for such experiences.

Eight. You know what the Kadazans/Dusuns called as 'kotuton'? Or Chalazion? I get that so frequent during tender age, it leave scars you know :(. Silaka laitu belief yang cakap org yg mencubuk selalu kena kotuton, dan silaka la orang yg pegi amplify that belief. I hate your kebuduhan. haha marah kunun saya olololo

Nine. Last year i have overcome one of my greatest fear. Snakes. I took picture with an albino boa,although it only takes few mins but i feel the opposites! The skin is so 'greasy', i almost dropped it eh tipu,i really want to throw the snakes away haha. I can feel the snakes trying to grip my hand. Nonetheless i have the utmost respect for that reptile. Kecil tapi berat tapi kuat tapi tidak comel.

Ten. I once ride in a helicopter, that was during my attachment with DOE Sabah. It was meant for open burning observation by the DOE officers. The first 20 minutes was fine, after that rasa mau muntah hijau. 

Next up,

Day 2: Your pets.


Chii said...

I second u. Haha. Sy pun ada trouble mo jwb asal mana klu org tanya. Last2 kasitau kk jak.

Nice facts btw.

chegu carol said...

I forgot where i heard or read this but a home is a place where you feel where your heart belongs...nah kalau ko rasa ko punya hati di London, sana lah bah tu kampung ko...hahaha, kidding. Just making example.

owh when i conquered my fear with snake, sa pun pi dukung tu python...tapi tida pula rasa greasy. more like dry tapi yg bikin geli bila tu ikur dia mo slither around my legs...ishhhh, masih juga la sa rasa geli/scary kalau ingat2...

Mell_f said...

Chii: haha kan,paling senang ba mau justify kalau kk. 'sebab sy lahir di kk la bah' bilang aiseh.

Carol: hahaha,kalau main hati dan perasaan memang kk laini. confirm la kk haha.

itu boa feels greasy sebab itu org dia pegi kasi spray2 air or whatever liquid di badan tu ular utk kasi lembap ni,sikit terlicin tu ular di tangan haha.

Sheila said...

Ya bah Mell.. say ingat tu time skola, selalu ja ada tumbuh2 di mata ko kan.. tapi saya tidak pernah cakap ko mencubuk kan? ehehe..

Mell_f said...

Sheila: haha ndada bah :) tapi mmg itu kotuton stay sampai masuk U oh. skg jaraaannnggg suda yihee.

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