May 14, 2011

Day 8: A place you’ve traveled to.

With the delay of day 8 post due to the maintenance thingy by, I will share not 1 but 4 places i've been traveled to. And halloooo who tell you it has to be outside Malaysia??

1. Kuching

Ok this is so not fair since i'm going to stay there anyway, but i might as well claim 'i've been to Kuching' while i'm still at KK.(??)

You havent come to Kuching if you have not taste the Laksa Sarawak. These are my favorites

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Left: @ Foodie Goody Tabuan-Stutong
Right: @ Thompson corner Tabuan Jaya

And you have not see what Kuching has to offer till you reach Serikin
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 2. Miri

Left: western food @ cant remember ehek :D
Mid: Dry pan mian @ Hiek Lik
Right: Nasi lalapan muara

Dont forget to visit Grand old lady as well ok! :)

3. Semporna

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Dont forget to try Venison meat when you're in Kunak, Semporna, LD or Tawau (? enlighten me pls). The first pic is obviously the Venison meat with shredded ginger fried to perfection. Sedap pula shredded ginger kena fried tau. Tapi mesti halia muda lah.

4. Sarikei

Husband's hometown. About 6 hours drive from Kuching. 

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Dont forget to sample Mee Udang @ Peking Restaurant di Jakar (sebut betul2). Apart from that, I find that mee kampua in Sarikei and Sibu are very tasty.

In future, i really want to visit Malacca, Penang and Perak (for food sake!). Like what Chegu Carol says 'kumpul duit dalam tabung milo dulu'.

Next up: Day 9: A favorite picture of your close friend.


Chii said...

sy blm pernah smpi serikin lg. tp i'll make sure this june i'll go. hehe..tu pun klu sempat :)

Mell_f said...

Kalau nda sempat pun,ada alasan datang kuching lagi yiheeee :D

Sheila said... Sarikei pulak husband ko. My husband orang Sibu. Just 1 hour drive..

Mell_f said...

Sheila: iya,kalau di Skei then mau pigi dating2,sanggup pigi tgk movie di Sibu -_-"

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