May 24, 2011


** Practical students registered for their 1st day ysterday. One of them is assigned to help me with my research. I am glad and thankful. So basically first day i explain in brief about my research, the progress and the upcoming task. The student seems to understand, i'm relieved.

** A year ago i was assigned to guide few students for their final year project, and i was advice to learn and use their data, if applicable. I told them beforehand that i am going to use their data so i taught them my methods, gave them the journals, let them buy chemicals funded by my research grant, motivate them when they didn't get the desirable results. In short i didnt let them do all the task alone without any effort of helping them. A year has gone and if you ask me did i get the what i deserve after all the effort. I dont know how to answer because it's not a mere yes and no. They've learn well and they've perform well regardless of he/she has turn to become a selfish/hypocrite/manipulative kind of person at the end. Sigh. I should see it coming. 

** And i clicked my mouse many times yesterday, but guess what. Despite the non stop clicking, waiting room, time mau payment ada error and have to redo all grr, i manage to get three sets of ticket to some places. Happy oh. Ingat senang ka, suda lah first day. Although the booking period last till 29/5, dont put so much hope after day 3. So why wait.

** I just cant stand stingy people. And to the extent of being so expressively stingy in front of the friends and hold no ashamed, i just cant take it and i wonder who on earth wants to live with such person. Saya yang malu tengok sikap begitu. Same goes to the bunch of retards, bargaining for lower prices from an old aunty/uncles/villagers in tamu. If you really want something, you'll buy it at any cost but if you dont, you become like this retards, bargain dari rm3 pegi rm0.50 just for the sake of having it.

I shall resume my 30 days blog challenge after i settled with my current work, if you read my goals, you know what i'm up to.

Till then.


Arms said...

Wow you should post a pic of the trainee while you train them haaha.

Hmm the Air Asia thing huh... irritating right. But you bought some tickets?! How many? 2, 3, 5? ;D

Rm3 to 0.50? Jauh tu geng haaha.

Just said...

Me managed to book 3 sets AA too but yg 1 set tu urg lain pnya! psstt.. p mana la ko? ;p

Mell_f said...

Arms: First day mesti mau bikin kerja dulu,nanti2 laitu bergambar2 haha.

I bought 3 tickets ngehehe.

Just: hihi u know already tu hehe.

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