May 17, 2011

Day 10- Something that you're afraid of

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I know this seems no biggie to some because certain people manage to swim even more after that but i am not them and they are certainly not me, not with my experience.

I mentioned before i wanted to learn to swim so badly but little did i know, my fear of drowning is worst than i believe it is. Talking to friend with similar experience did help but i have to make that leap myself yes? I keep consoling myself, if i can overcome my fear with snakes, why not this one? I know 2 places that offers swimming course in KK but i need a one to one session because i am not going to learn to swim only, i need to learn to overcome this fear as well. 

If you live by my experience, you would understand that this is not an excuse. Have a look at this video at youtube, a lady and her fear with mustard and pickles. Yes you read that right. I hate that male host.

Ok lah that's all. Next up is day 11: Tv shows that you're currently addicted to.


Claire said...

mungkin sy tau jg sikit2 apa kau rasa la...when i was in navy last time, we were forced to jump from the platform...a few feet high..peduli la pandai berenang ka nda..kena paksa jg..we were literally pushed over..i couldn't find the exact word to describe the feeling la..but i cried the moment i jump and after..and yes, i didn't get to swim over the side because i was paralyzed with fear..gila eh..but bits by bits..ok jg kali..i only know how to swim a bit belum lagi dapat kasi hilang tu takut kalau tempat dalam yg kaki nda sampai sda la..hehe u'll get over it..slowly la..:)

Mell_f said...

huhu thanks Claire. mau take the big leap itu yg susah bagi sy, mau mengelak seja.

Armstrong said...

Aww I have to admit, I also dunno how to swim... not scared of drowning though, but try very hard to avoid the chances of it.

Wow, you overcome your fear of snakes? That must mean you already hold some few snakes heehe.

Mell_f said...

Arms: ya i did,an albino boa to be exact. it cost me rm10 but the experience is beyond that value.

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