May 21, 2011

Day 13- Goals

Let me see.
  1. Finish up my experiments and thesis writing by end of September this year. (due 30/9)
  2. Publish 2 papers this year. (due 31/12)
  3. Learn to overcome my fear then learn to swim.
  4. Learn UBS accounting 
  5. Zero fever and zero gastric pain this year, i can do it!
  6. NZ and Italy with dear hubby in 5 years time.
  7. Own a business in 5 years time and make it a full time job. (i'm being realistic hence the market survey and own pocket survey).
  8. Sponsored dad + youngest bro a vacation.  
 Till then. Next up, day 14: A picture of you last year, how have you changed?

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