May 11, 2011

Day 6- Behind your blog name

"As raw as it gets" is my blog name. is my blog url. That's how i define things and i dont need approval :)

I have a series of blog name from my previous blog to the current one. Yes i am that indecisive.

I  dont have heart to delete the prev blog (which subsequently deleted all your blog post as well), instead, i moved them to this new url. So new url, new blog name la bah although the contents are retain, yes?

So why i decided to name my blog as it is now? Easy. I once very young and very hormonal, i intend to blog in a very direct way, no sugar coating words, no white lies just plain and direct. It might be hurtful or too 18sx that some people couldn't handle. Just as raw as it gets.

But, when i was about to write in such manner, i've been struck by a sudden thought, asking 'is this the kind of writing that you want people to read?', 'would you read this kind of writing?'. I always ask the same question to myself even before i start writing a new post. If you see me my hormonal post in the future, believe that i have fight so hard with myself and i lost the battle. I just need to vent and get bitchy sometimes :)

I am still keeping the 'as raw as it gets' name, coz that reminds me of the questions that helps to inhibit me  from doing stuffs that i might regret later.

FYI,i googled my blog name. I come to 2nd. No 1 is a food blog. Healthy food blog because in her current post, the author mentioned about "enjoy exploring raw food so much". I get it, as raw as it gets ahaks.

Ok that's all for day 6.  

Next up. Day 7: 20 songs that come up on your playlist on shuffle. 


Arms said...

As raw as it gets heh,so all the contents are raw la kan heehe...

But I'm curious, what does anollemm stands for?

Mell_f said...

aiyo Arms,have u read it all? seems to me you havent.

anollemm is my name spelled backwards with extra m.

Mell_f said...

Aiyo arm,have u read the post? seems to me u havent.

anollemm is my name spelled backwards with extra m :D

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