Dec 31, 2008

Welcome 2009!

So far 2008 has been giving me a good balance of yin and yang.
I can choose to pen all the hurtful things i've been encountered this year but i wont. Rainbow does come after the rain and wipes away all the sombre, and that sentence i can definitely say isn't a cliche for me anymore. But yeah, it take guts to open the eyes and look straight at the rainbow and relent. I enjoyed it heaps than the rain, and that's the way it shall be remember. Nevertheless, thanks rain. I understand the fact that people dont carry the same weightage of problem, and unless you've been in that situation it's very wrong to say 'i understand your feeling'. I dont understand anyone's problem other than mine but one thing i know, we deserve to live merry life and we obtain that by our own will. If your problem is larger than your will, then something is obviously wrong. No i dont read that in any book, i learned that the hard way. Life's indeed beautiful, and it works beautifully too. And i dont have to wait till new year to realize that. You should too. I hope 2009 will be another great year for me, and to you as well senyum Before we start the engine to venture the new life in 2009, might as well warm it up with some love......from the cat perhaps? LOL. Happy New Year 2009 again
******** Things that are worth to be remember in 2008.
  1. Hands off the books, exam, thesis, lab and all. Bye Uni life. -13May
  2. Got a job as an XXX engineer in KK after being turned down 6 times. -23July
  3. I turned 23 yo, and the above is indeed a perfect gift for this year. -24July
  4. Venue: Grand Port View. [personal]- 23Aug
  5. Graduated with upper 2nd class B.Sc Eng (Chem) -24Aug
  6. The day i discovered it : 1- 27Oct
  7. I bring home my new ride. -27Nov
  8. I've won 4D consolation prize for the very 1st time in my life. -27Nov
  9. Tidak dapat naik gunung- 17Dec
  10. Received my 1st bonus- 17Dec
  11. The day i discovered it : 2 - 20Dec


Kadus_Mama said...

Mell..happy new year 2009 to you.. :)

HoneyBUZZin said...

I wish u a great year ahead. Happy New Year and thank you for being my friend!TakeCare

Toilet paper said...

Happy New Year 2009..

wah ada sama kita ni thn kan..
Hantar tesis, grade, dpt kerja, 23 thn,dpt bonus..

New year,
New life,
New Luck,
New you..


Nayden79 said...

YESS! Life is beautiful, indeed.

Happy New Year 2009 (again) to you and your beloved family.

Ann said...

Ini juga yg paling menarik d hati..

9. Tidak dapat naik gunung- 17Dec
10. Received my 1st bonus- 17Dec

Hahaha, tidak dpt naik gunung tp dpt bonus, balasan bah tu terhadap kekecewaan d hati. Nice !! :) :)

Anyway happy new year 2009 ah! :)

Wel^Beiolman said...

wah....byk great things happened in 2008 ah..hehe...may 2009 brings more success and happiness kio..hehe..

defoo said...

Happy New Year!!

GregChai said...

Happy New Year, may 2009 brings you and your family prosperity and good health

Mell_f said...

Happy New Year people!

Max: haha..maybe kita sama2 convo tu ari kan? nti sy cek nama ko dalam tu buku ungu. hehehe.

Ann: LOL.i deserved that bonus tu..hehe.

hornbill said...

Happy New Year

LEon said...

A new year, A new hope to stay happy. Happy new year!

Mell_f said...

Hornbill & LEon: thanks. happy new year too.

Mell (tsm4) said...

mell(tsm4) bilang: "Life is wonderful, until u get bills to pay".. nah.. sama juga ba tu kan. we have to work hard for the life that we living in. sort of. im not a rich person. :p

Happy New Year to u too. rambling ja sa punya comment nih. but that's
tambirang si mell for ya!

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