Dec 16, 2008

Eh? tidak jadi climb?

Supposedly: Mell is on the way to Kota Belud together with Grace (Thehornbill) and the gang, then go to Kundasang early morning and will start climbing Mr Mountain tomorrow. Actually: Mell is at home,blogging.
Reason: At 2.32pm, 16Dec2008, mr. boss disapprove my leave at last minute. Somebody from XXX mau datang for certification thingy, of course penting la for the company hence needs someone in the office. And XXX only informed the thing last monday. My boss disapprove my cuti bulat2 utk benda XXX yg last minute itu. In fact, there's no exact date of XXX to come. Well,after this happened, you better come this week ah XXX!! Of course ada banyak lagi side story behind these but i cant disclose lah. I called BF, he asked me to find ways lagi, padahal sy mati akal suda. Call boss's wife, she asked me to cancel the leave. Panas suda hati ku. Call Grace utk standby someone to replace me.,if not rugi oo the $$!! I'm trying hard to not cry, tapi nda boleh,menangis jg aku akhirnya. Luckily si Grace faham jg apa sy cakap. hehe. Of course i'm sad, and disappointed. You can tell easily bah, i dont have to mention. But i already have plan during my boss's absence for the upcoming few weeks. *evil grin* Thanks Claire babeh, Wel, Oiga, Reno, Kuai for your words. Appreciate that love I disabled the comment,nanti luka tadi berdarah kembali.
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