Jul 3, 2008

Hohoho.. ( i aint santa)

I feel like blogging, but i'm almost an inch to reach brain dead, well literally. Emo SmileThe job hunting thingy has drained me of all strength hence taking away all the good sleep that i used to have.
Life without job is stressfullllllllllll!!!!! Akan tetapi.. Jeng jeng jeng..
I have been offered a job as lab demonstrator for environment subject. Anything that yields money is good bah now. So juniors, watch out Emo Smile
It will only lasts for max 1 month, which is good for someone who's dying to fill the time, temporary with a decent, money-earning job. Thus, people will see me wandering often in the uni again. Emo Smile
* Do you ppl aware of the rival between 2 S'porean whores bloggers which creates eddy in the blogsphere nowadays? KennySia post about it today, and that my friend (kenny's fav line) is a bold move. Bottom line is, both are fake and hodoh and brainless and 'ho'..Ignore these attention sucker*


urang ranau said...

palan2 cari kerja tetap mell, sia yakin akan dapat juga tuh. dulu sia pun pernah menganggur..hmm punya la tekanan, bosan at last i got a job (cukup2 mkn ja) heheh good luck..Fighting!!!

Mell said...

ya,hopefully i got one soon. thanks mandak :)

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