Jul 15, 2008

meet my current friend- influenza virus..cessss

Flood parade in Telipok last week, sampai kancil pun nda dapat limpas. I went there to help uncle aunty to clean up the mess in their house due to the flood's aftermath. It was friggin' cold, and the next day, nah.. sore throat, initial indication of mau fever. And it materialize the next day. kasian anak ini. As i keypoh earlier in my prev post about the part time lab demo thingy, it was cancelled last minute. Sekali lagi kasian anak ini. However, yesterday i got another part time job as mathematic tutor in the uni. Yeay!!..but i need to find someone to replace me in case i got employ soon. And this simply means i need to brush up my math skills, again. But no worreh la, i always enjoy the subject. keh keh keh..

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