Jul 28, 2008

Wrap up for July.

Throughout last week i manage to:
1. Shift from digi prepaid to postpaid. Being in LDR is fun, minus the constant $$ needed to top up the credit balance. So how digi postpaid gives benefit to me? Digi postpaid allows 1 supplementary acc. Any calls from the primary acc to the supplementary acc is costless. In this case, BF is the primary acc, i am the supplementary. How cool is that? *wink wink*.With our current economic's status, any steps that can cut the cost is worth taken. Including trimming ur own hair (nah, kidding :p) 2. Able to divorce myself with internet world for a while. *notice the alang alang punya post*. I sense the intimate relationship that's going on with me and the virtual world as i always hooked in front of my lappy from am to pm, and it's definitely not good. Not forgetting i'll start working soon. -Unrelated- 3. There's tendency that this blog will be untouched for a long while, so dont miss me. Heh. 4. To my newly blogger friends; urangranau, wel, reno, san,'s been a great time spamming ur shoutbox.. I'll keep on spamming when i have time to do that in office kio.. kekekeke. p/s to san and reno, sudah2 la berabut daging bbq tu. hehe 5. Next up, convocation. Yeay!

1 comment:

Wel^Beiolman said...

hi doesn't matter how busy u're ba long as u're happy ok la...if u need someone to tulung kasi habis duit gaji please let me know..hehe..cheers to you new life!

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