Aug 28, 2008


Atlanta Olympic 1996celebrate Gloria Estefan- Reach " If I could reach, higher Just for one moment touch the sky From that one moment in my life I'm gonna be stronger Know that Ive tried my very best Id put my spirit to the test If I could reach " Lagu yang paling femes untuk choir competition, and still. hehehehe sengihnampakgigi
ros* I never embed any song/video in my blog simply because i think it distracts the people (esp while reading my post). However for the sake of my blogger friend, Alvin who happens to be a band member in Infinatez 'gengstarz', i'm making a debut! ros I like their version of Sayang Kinabalu too..very the hip baybeh tepuktangan


defoo said...

I know you have a BF, but i still wanna say I LOVE YOU!! Thanx 'Kakak'!! Hehehe ^_^

Mell said...

defoo: haha..welcome

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