Aug 5, 2008

Cheating emotionally

Unrelated with the previous post and author's personal life. I bahagia ok. rotflol*lk. *lk = like kingkong Consider this situation:
Your partner has moved to a new workplace. He's making lots of new friends. Your partner has this one particular opposite-sex-friend. Gradually, that friendship has turned into a very intimate (is when he talks to you about her 24/7 and that makes u feel like u know this girl thoroughly), flirty kind of thing, BUT no physical contact occur. You would say he is flirting, he calls it being friendly. You say he's obsessed with her, he calls you paranoid. You says he tells her way too much, he says it's not different to how close you're with ur friends. You refuse to accept the excuses and he refuse to give in to you. You know 'something' is going on and u cant make peace with the feeling. So what else to do? I personally think the best thing to do is to invite that friend to a dinner/lunch, together with ur partner. During that time, observe how ur partner and that 'friend' communicate to each other. If he behaves like a flirty-single man (or behaves like anything except being a boyfriend to you), then he's totally into that 'friend'. Then you're left with 1Q; To win him back or dumped him into the sea. atau kasi makan sama buaya si reno..LOL IF my bf is infatuated with other girl,i prefer him to come clean but it doesnt mean i would forgive him. I'm a very loyal person, infatuation is a thing that i cant tolerate with. Apa lagi mau curang, i will gunting anything that i can gunting in him. *Okie, I'm exaggerating. LOL.* Conclusively, we all know how a normal friendship looks like. What happen in that situation is very obvious; IT IS NOT A NORMAL FRIENDSHIP, so stop giving excuses 'ike 'we are just friend' . If they still want to flirt flirt with other people, then do not commit in any serious relationship. kalau mau main main, pegi main dgn ular sawa @ singa @ piranha @ jaws, jgn main dgn perasaan org. *This post is ready to be published and saved in my draftbox ok,i tak curi tulang time keja.


maslight said...

Lol...the dood is so into another girl if he talks too much about her. I mean same goes with the other gender. Especially when u say it as 24/7? @_@

I think the way u describe would be an interesting way to find out, but also becomes makes one become more paranoid XD But hey, if it's not worth it, life goes on XD

Just my 2cent

sweetie~ said...

Hi Mell...nice post...hehe. Couldn't agree with you more....klu mau main2 byk tu playgrounds....bawa itu kanak2 main sama2...atau alang2 bawa itu ular sawa main jgn skali2 main2 itu perasaan...hehehe..

Mell said...

massy: ya,as simple as that. Hidup pun senang, heh :p.

sweetie: that's 1 basic simple thing ppl never understand. If wants to play, ada lego,ada barbie *oops,kantoi*, ada ular etc. But never main2 dgn feeling org.

Wel^Beiolman said...

susa jg ni tau...orang bilang relationship w/o trust jadi mcm kalu trust pun last2 temakan diri sendiri jg kan...ya la pecaya kunun..kawan dia saja ba tu...buat apa la mau pikir yg negative di penghujung cerita..rupanya si tapir sama si tenuk ada bunga bunga cinta pula....sering berlaku dan antara punca utama kejatuhan kerajaan majapahit mahupun kerajaan syurga pencintaan dua insan...

diplomasi dan keserasian penting dalam hal ini la sia rasa...byk percintaan kini tidak mementingkan kesetiaan ataupun kejujuran...permainan duniawi while you can...lepas kawin mana buli shopping lg...akhir kata....don't trust no one....hehe...kalu sia ada mcm ni...betul cakap ko mell..once it happens..its not going to be easy for us to accept..scar yg lama akan sentiasa melekat and bermain di pikiran..insan yg penyabar menjadi tidak penyabar kerana tidak mahu berulang lagi...akhirnya perpisahan menjadi penyelesaian kisah cerita...dan selalunya kesalahan berpihak kepada insan yang sanggup menerima kecurangan atau kesilapan insan kedua...kerana insan kedua hanya memainkan peranan sebagai manusia bergelar insan...

Mell said...

Trust mmg susah to gain,and it's very subjective.

Love unconditionally- yes.
Trust unconditionally- no.

Love and trust are 2 different thing. Doesn't mean i love him, i HAVE TO trust him. No,for me it doesn't work that way.

Even in marriage,no one should trust their partner 100%, keep few percentage to urself.

urang ranau said...

ya mell. i totally agree with ur definition of trust..human is not perfect afterall..then, thats why we should not trust our partner 100%..

San-Chan said...

Saya buat perbezaan disini:

-Acceptance of the truth of a statement without evidence or investigation (relations have to be built on trust)

- The state of being responsible for someone or something (a hope)

- A feel a deep romantic or sexual attachment to (someone):

- A person or thing that one loves

Mell said...

urangranau: glad we are on the same wavelength :)

san-chan: See,ada juga bukti kukuh to show love n trust are different. Thanks san.

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