Oct 31, 2008

Thank You and STFU morons

On behalf of my-sane-self, i would like to thank every comments received for the past few days, it did help me to cope with my current situation. This month is going to be hard for me and the rest of my close family, but we've been through hell before, hope we can make it through this time too.
As what Ornest wrote in his comment in my previous post "The most important thing is to forgive and let go...". I have forgiven her, in fact i never blame her. During this hard time, she has made me realize that the love between family should be unconditional, regardless of your wrongdoings. Like they say "Susah senang, family will always be there". One positive gain so far.
Negative one..hmm..I've seen the bad side of some of my moron-distant-family members since long time ago,and as predicted, THEY DID IT AGAIN! ; they wasted ZERO money on us, yet they act like they are the one who raises us. They get over react, and start cursing as if they're God. These morons go to church every sunday, mind you! Funny thing is, they always talk behind us, never do it in front. Pussy! Just so you know, these people juga lah yang abused me mentally when i was 10-12! Well, that'll be another unreveal story lah. You wouldnt want to know what they've said to me, trust me.
My DAD, bapa kandung, biological dad, the one who raises us with his OWN money, NEVER act like they did, as what i've seen so far lah. Dad's logic mind is greater than his emotions, a great man indeed. As long as dad keep himself compose, and keep loving us that's more than enough. The babi babi sekalian, who is suppose to be FAMILY (ptuiiihhh!!!) can booked their tickets straight to hell by keep saying bad things behind us, curse her, curse me yang they claimed as kurang ajar, and God knows the upcoming ones .I f-ing seriously DONT CARE. Another positive gain,during this time i realize the people who stand by my side. Words cant describe how grateful i am to have you people in my life. I always know i'm blessed in so many ways, and the presence of you people, are just too awesome for me. Thank you very much.
I know now i can move on, and be happy. *And those who know me in real life, stop asking me why why why why for shit sake. I dont feel like sharing my personal things to you lah, respect that! *


Toilet paper said...

Relax Mell..take it easy..hari gaji ni..biar la mereka dgn hidup mereka..yg penting u n ur dad happy..

Kris and Nadia said...

Alalala...gitu la tu Mell.. sabar ja ko..mulut tempayan lg ble tutup, ni kan mulut org ni, susah btul mo tutup.. Bikin marah kan.. bgs dorg ni mind ur own business ba n back up.. huhu..

Kadus_Mama said...

Eeeeee...napa macam tu?? I mean, whats the purpose of going to church if they are behaving like that?? macam makin banyak dosa pulak kan cakap2 pasal orang nie..saudara sendiri lagi tu!!
Sabar saja lah ko..kio!!

izanazuani said...

Kalau sia Mell... Sia just cakap, bukan durang kasi sia makan. So why bother?

Kenapa mau sesak-sesakkan pikiran. Life's wonderful... Itu anggap saja asam garam. Tidak lama, you'll get through it juga.

sweetie~ said...

mmm susah mau komen i duno the hujung pangkal....but it's better to live alone than having saudara2 yg like's better to live with the understands and respects us better....ah sry klu terkasar....but it's like that la...

GregChai a.k.a. teekay said...

Mell some people go to church to show off their new car, new dress, new perfume, new hairstyle.... (tapi bukan semua la, sorry i didn't mean to offend anyone)

kadang-kadang family sendiri yang kasi mati kita.

Be strong Mell, Take care. God bless.

Tal said...

Mell my sy nda komen2 cni oh kan? Siok oh ko p cuti2..sigh~ i need a vacation!!! :p

neways, something i think u need -- *hugs* :)

Beck the BandagedKnees said...

;) i hav no suitable words.. i know u reading my mind.. ;) lol i lov u the way u r ab bullshit to people who think they can do watever they like.. bullshit to people who act to be perfect and talking sht bout other.. -_-"" i hav many words actually but ...the rest.. i know u knew.. lol ^_^

rock on..! be urself.. ^_^

love u my friend.. ;) hugs! hugs! hugs! xoxoxox

i cant lead u to feel better.. i hav no talent in making anyone feel better..but YOU can try to feel better i know.. ;) u knew.. xoxoxox.. love u my friend..

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